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整合第三方通訊應用 logo

Unified Integration of Third-Party Communication Applications

Achieve seamless integration, supporting various communication applications, including LINE, Telegram, Messenger, and providing flexible options for web embedding.
內嵌網頁彈性變化 logo

Flexible Variations for Embedded Web Pages

Configure colors, scenes, and languages according to your needs. Effortlessly embed in web pages or integrate directly with websites using iframes, showcasing unparalleled customization.
支援文檔一鍵上傳 logo

Support for Effortless Document Uploads

Easily support uploads in various document formats, including PDF, CSV, JSON, HTML (including sitemap.xml), DOCX, with the ability to set expiration times based on event duration. Comprehensive integration with ChatGPT for a richer conversational experience.
後台支援表格 logo

Backend Support for Tables

Directly configure fields, customize databases, and seamlessly integrate with third-party products through triggers. Support reading, modifying, deleting, and adding internal forms, as well as custom external HTTP, LINE notify, Google (Gmail, Calendar, Drive), and more.
對話流程彈性化 logo

Flexible Customization of Conversation Flows

Tailored for crafting intricate and process-driven conversational bots, we offer flexible and graphical flowchart design for a more nuanced and precise conversational experience.
Versatile Data Source Support logo

Versatile Data Source Support

Train your personalized bot directly with a variety of data sources
Custom Bot Integration with Web Pages logo

Custom Bot Integration with Web Pages

Customize a dedicated web page plugin for your bot, adding a friendly and professional touch to your brand
Flexible Workflow Services logo

Flexible Workflow Services

Design more complex workflows and activities using graphical processes when needed
Third-Party Integration logo

Third-Party Integration

Integrate forms directly with third-party services or choose to use built-in forms, with resource assistants supporting quick data retrieval
Rich Statistical Charts logo

Rich Statistical Charts

View active users, new users, and scene-specific user counts through informative charts
Broadcast Services logo

Broadcast Services

Directly push messages through various channels with broadcast services